Agricultural Cooperative Agrojapra – Donji Agici

The beginning was literally from the scratch. We moved in accordance with “step by step” philosophy. Every year there was something new. The Cooperative matured. The most important characteristics of our strategic plan are: strengthening of income of Cooperative’s members through production of milk as a basic and the most important source of income and creation of alternative income sources, processing into final products as well as education of population for rural development.

Through wide range of cooperative – rural activities, agricultural and non-agricultural, educational, cultural and entertainment activities, we create conditions for people to work together and live better and in more quality manner. The goal of all our programs is redesigning the existing towrds the new concept of cooperative and villages of agriculture and tourism, villages of citizens and culture.
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Point of gathering of peasant’s strength

otkup mlijekaBy applying tradition of domestic cooperative combined with modern Scandinavian cooperative model, General Agricultural Cooperative “Agrojapra” gradually, successively but surely manages to transform defined vision and goals into practical results. Besides, through its numerous activities, this cooperative is also becoming a center of social life of river Japra valley. Effects in production and employment could even improve if the river Japra basin was regulated and irrigation system was built.
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Rural tourism

seoski turizamSurrounded by mild clearings of Grmec mountain slopes, intersected by clear wells and vivid springs that flow into magical beauty Japra, the valley of this river resembles of a natural fairy tale that is soon to become a tourist oasis for numerous guests from neighboring towns in Banja Luka and Bihac regions but also an attractive place for studying and entertainment of school pupils and students.
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